Role of ARAC

The ARAC Bylaws  set out top-level objectives for the organisation:

  • To coordinate between all the accreditation activities in the regional Arab countries and help them develop and improve accreditation systems through the achievement of recognition of ARAC with ILAC and IAF
  • Recognition of all conformity assessment certificates issued by the conformity assessment bodies accredited by the Arab Accreditation Bodies through the ARAC Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA)
  • To increase and promote the international acceptance of certificates and reports issued by the accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies signatory with ILAC and IAF
  • To promote cooperation in training of peer evaluators and other personnel of accreditation bodies
  • To encourage and facilitate the adoption and implementation of applicable documents and guidelines that have been developed by IAF and ILAC
  • To facilitate collaboration, cooperation and mutual assistance among members by various means including seminars, meetings of experts and the sharing of information and experiences
  • To promote international acceptance of test, calibration, inspection reports and certificates and other documents issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by signatories to the ARAC MLA
  • To build up and to maintain mutual confidence in the technical competence among Full Members and to work towards further development of the ARAC multilateral recognition arrangement (MLA)


The role of ARAC is further defined as:

  • Harmonization and unification of procedures and activities for the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies
  • Definition and development of the accreditation system in the Arab region, in compliance with international requirements, taking into consideration the circumstances and needs of the Arab member states
  • Sharing of experiences in the operation of accreditation bodies, and in the establishment of mutual recognition arrangements between Arab accreditation bodies
  • To assist the current and potential ARAC members, and provide advice on matters related to accreditation of conformity assessment bodies through its committees
  • Harmonization of the ARAC members’ procedures according to ILAC and IAF requirements
  • Implementing the ARAC peer evaluation process according to ILAC, IAF and ARAC requirements with the aim for members to sign the ARAC MLA
  • Cooperation with international and regional organizations, and taking advantage of their services in order to develop training programs in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment for the benefit of ARAC members