Committees and Working Groups

Technical Committee:

Is the forum for the discussions of all matters related to the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (testing and calibration labs, certification bodies, inspection bodies, medical labs, reference material providers (RMP) and proficiency testing providers (PTP).  


ARAC MLA Committee

The main objectives of the MLA Committee are :

  • To plan and manage the implementation and maintenance of ARAC Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MLA),
  • Keep the ARAC Secretariat informed about the MLAC’s activities, including MLAG minutes and resolutions, MLAC resolutions, attendance list or other activities; and
  • To follow up on the participation of the ARAC MLA signatories members in the ARAC organized PT programs.


MLA Group

The main objectives of the MLA Group are :

  • To make decisions regarding the status of membership to the ARAC MLA, including granting, maintenance, suspension and withdrawal from the MLA.
  • To review evaluation report findings to confirm that they are correctly classified and that the report contains the necessary information to have full confidence that the Accreditation Body (AB) complies with MLA requirements.


Peer Evaluators Working Group

The main objectives of the Peer Evaluators Working Group are :

  • Manage and oversee all issues related to peer evaluators.
  • Work in cooperation with the MLA Committee in planning and organizing peer evaluator training activities
  • Review and approve candidatesÍ´ application and qualification


ARAC Communication and Marketing Committee

The objective of the ARAC communication and marketing committee is to provide support to the development of ARAC’s activities in all issues related to promotion, internal and external communications.